"Transform: to change the nature, function, or condition of; convert"

Coaching Skills for Managers

How would coaching skills take your managers to the next level?

Developing coaching skills helps managers to build-up powerful strategies for dealing with the everyday whilst harnessing their talents to improve performance. As every manager has different needs it is important that any programme is developed to suit both the business and individual context and objectives. Coaching for Manager programmes work best when we use create insight together, use business scenarios based on real challenges and include peer practice and follow-up sessions to enhance and reinforce learning.

Coaching skills programmes provide your managers with a highly-confidential, challenging yet supportive environment in which they can:

  • focus on their professional and interpersonal development needs
  • reconnect with their passions, values and strengths and build a plan for personal growth in a professional context
  • practice a range of tools and techniques for helping to significantly improve the performance of others
  • develop practical strategies for overcoming obstacles and dealing with difficult issues and difficult people
  • build their self-confidence and self-esteem

Meeting the standards

Eluminas coaches are all experts in their field. We come from a variety of commercial backgrounds and are business-focused in their approach. We work to the highest standards and meet those of the Association for Coaching (AC), the International Coach Federation (ICF), and the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC).

Contact us now to find out how our one-to-one coaching programme can take your managers to the next level.

In my time in both the private and public sectors, I have experienced a variety of leadership and management training programmes.  I can say, with confidence that the content and delivery of Eluminas’s session was outstanding and certainly amongst the best I have experienced. I would strongly recommend Eluminas.

Rod B, Inspector, British Police Force

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