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Is your reputation on the line?

Whatever the economic climate all organisations re-organise and restructure to ensure they remain healthy, resilient and fit-for-purpose in an increasingly competitive world.  In pursuit of these goals, downsizing and redundancy almost inevitably have a part to play. If you are facing this challenge, it’s important to manage this process well while safeguarding your reputation as a responsible employer that supports and invests in its people?

There are two key groups that are in need of your support during the transition period: 

  • Leaders and teams that “survive” your re-organisation programme
  • Executives who leave your organisation

Those who you remain in the organisation will often experience initial relief at having survived the “cull”. However, this can be replaced by a sense of guilt towards previous colleagues, a fear for future survival or anger at an unexpected increase in workload. These negative emotions, if they go unchecked, can damage morale, motivation and performance. 

The opportunity is to support both your leaders and their teams during this period of adjustment by offering them a way to process their experience and a space to turn their attention positively to the future. A focus on supporting your teams through a re-organisation will:

  • enhance your reputation as a responsible and benevolent employer 
  • increase the agility of your teams to adapt
  • develop the resilience of your teams 
  • improve morale and motivation
  • return the focus to growing your business

How you treat outgoing executives also sends an important signal to both those within your business and to the external world about the sort of organisation you are. An employer brand can be enhanced should it manage its redundancy programme with compassion and integrity. However, its reputation can easily be eroded if it is managed poorly.  

Supporting those exiting your business will offer them a chance to come to terms with their job loss, assess their career direction, gain some self-awareness and recognise how their transferrable skills can be applied elsewhere. As a result of offering such a programme to your leavers the organisation will benefit by: 

  • preserving morale, trust and respect by reaffirming the value placed on “taking care” of employees. 
  • maintaining your reputation in the market as a responsible employer.
  • having less disruption for those who stay. 
  • retaining employee commitment during their redundancy and notice period. 

If your teams are going through a transition period and need support through either one-to-one executive coaching or team coaching then please call us on 0845 638 1383 for an exploratory discussion or email us to outline your transition situation.

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