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Workshop 1: Sustaining Your Resilience - working with uncertainty and change

To help participants increase their understanding of what resilience means to them as they deal with the impact of the pandemic on their work environment. In this time of uncertainty, this is an opportunity to highlight what can help them and also get in the way of being resilient, before building a plan to sustain their personal and professional wellbeing.

Specific outcomes:

  • Gain insight into the top enablers of resilience and the barriers that can get in the way
  • Increased awareness of what gives you energy and improves your sense of clarity at work
  • Ignite your thinking of how you can effectively develop a resilience practice 
  • Feel inspired and commit to taking steps that enhance personal and professional wellbeing daily


Workshop 2: Communicating and creating impact on the small screen: Our New Normal

To help participants to communicate with impact and engagement while working remotely.

Specific outcomes: Participants will be able to:

  • Take greater control of their presence on screen (sharpening up communication style)
  • Structure their 'story' for maximum impact (clarity and engagement)
  • Practice tips and techniques to build 'performance' confidence


Workshop 3: Helping people to reconnect with purpose as they return to work

To normalise the sense of disruption and examine ways to navigate the uncertainty around how 'work' is unfolding as we reconnect with our purpose of work.


  • Identify the diversity of impact of the pandemic on us as individuals and explore how that impacts on the work of our teams
  • Confronting pre-existing values, beliefs, norms and expectations of being at work
  • Clarifying and reforging links between individual, team and organisational purpose


Workshop 4: Using core coaching skills effectively in the virtual world

To tighten up professional communication in order to avoid operating from assumptions and to create shared levels of understanding between individuals despite their location.

Specific outcomes:

  • More constructive conversations and greater collaboration
  • Reduction in misinterpretation of messages in virtual or semi-virtual setting
  • Stronger levels of respect and trust between colleagues, regardless of geography


Workshop 5: Setting virtual meetings up for success

To give participants who lead and engage in meetings an opportunity to develop best practice to be more effective and efficient on both physical and virtual platforms.

Specific outcomes:

  • A shift in engagement within meetings based on a more clearly defined purpose
  • A greater focus on meeting agreements to encourage alignment
  • Use of a framework which delivers productive meetings with meaningful outcomes


Workshop 6: Developing cross-cultural competency

A virtual workshop to develop cultural competence.

Specific outcomes will enable delegates to:

  • Embrace diversity, collaboration and team-work in complex cultural environments
  • Manage communication, style, attitudes in more diverse, multi-ethnic, multi-generational, virtual teams
  • Appreciate diversity as a positive benefit to working environments and the business

Workshop Fees:

The standard full-rate fee per Eluminas Bitesize Workshop is £1,900 plus VAT.

SPECIAL OFFER - we are delighted to offer an 'early bird' rate of £1,600 plus VAT for workshops booked and paid for before the end of January 2020. You can confirm the workshop date to suit your calendar for any time in the six months following the booking.

Packages for multiple workshops are available on request. Please email to book.

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Achieving Team Fitness for Virtual Teams
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Achieving Team Fitness for Virtual Teams
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