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A unique and powerful leadership development process

All too often, current leadership development programmes can feel remote, isolated, theoretical and academic, and when participants return to their 'known' world little has changed so the learning is lost. Evidence shows four powerful success factors for leadership development with lasting impact: making it experiential; a focus on self-awareness and personal impact ("being" rather than "doing"); having a wider system context and ongoing support for the learning.

In collaboration with a global partner who specialises in learning expeditions, Eluminas can provide signature experiential learning programmes for organisations to develop agile world-class leaders and deliver sustainable social impact in emerging countries. These programmes are constructed around the topics of development of global leadership skills, engagement and corporate social responsibility. These unique programmes are underpinned by a deep learning model:

  • A focus on real business projects: participants are immersed into the real environment of the world's major business hubs and gather best practice and key insights directly at the source - through collaboration and exchange with senior executives, experts and entrepreneurs.
  • Strong out-of-comfort zone environments: instead of the usual classroom setup, participants experience non-traditional venues during the programme - opening them up to new approaches and facilitating inspirational debates and exchanges.
  • Intensive coaching sessions: certified coaches with strong business acumen ensure relevance of participants' learnings, maximising impact and transfer to participants' daily jobs after the programme.

THE EDGE is a 2-5 day programme of exchange and collaboration with leading experts, entrepreneurs and senior executives, exposing your leaders to the latest innovative principles and practices in your industry, taking place in world's major business hubs such as Singapore, London or Boston. Facilitated by certified coaches, this is designed to deliver:

  • acquisition of best practices and insights from recognised leaders in their field
  • development of innovative and entrepreneurial thinking
  • enhanced networking and collaboration

GLOBAL CHALLENGE is a programme for high-potential employees - your leaders of the future - grouped into small teams with the responsibility for completing a challenging 3-4 week social business project. Coaching support facilitates integration of the learning for individual participants to match their particular circumstances. 

If you are interested is how such a unique and powerful programme could transform leadership in your organisation please contact us.


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