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Newsletter January 2019

Happy New Year!
I hope that this year will be one in which you and your business thrives and prospers.

Over the coming year we will continue to send our quarterly newsletters updating you with Eluminas news and drawing attention to subjects that are top-of-mind for our clients. You will hear more from us on the importance of how we adapt in our VUCA world and become even more agile in the changing political and economic landscape. 

This year we will be launching a new programme of events including webinars, face-to-face workshops and articles all related to "Mastering Culture, Complexity and Change".

Watch out for our launch mailshot which will include more details of upcoming events, the first of which you can read about below. In the meantime we'd like to invite you to follow, comment and share on our Eluminas LinkedIn page at 

Best wishes for a strong and successful 2019.

Sue Powell

On behalf of the Eluminas team

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What Else We've Been Up To...
During the last quarter of 2018 we continued to support our clients with leadership and team development programmes and projects. We also welcome to our team two new associates, Jessie and Jane who are working with us in Shanghai on a team coaching project. Otherwise, here's a flavour of some recent activities that we've developed and delivered:
  • Started coaching the Executive Management Team of an international asset management firm
  • Delivered a Team Diagnostic Assessment and 2-day kick-off to a team in Shanghai
  • Won agreement to provide one-to-one coaching assignments for new clients within education and not-for-profit sectors
  • Extended several client relationships with new senior coaching assignments for media, property and retail clients
  • Invited to speak at events including a session to the Professional Services Management Group of City law firms and a keynote on Change and Engagement to the NHS
  • RFP: to develop a change management programme for a multinational consumer products organisation
  • RFP: to train financial services team in relational selling
  • RFP: to create an M&A playbook, a repository for best practice for M&A activity in a global organisation

 A Fresh Start: focusing on what helps us thrive

At this time of year may of us are reflecting over the last year, on both our own and team performance, personal and professional development and, of course, what went well and what didn't. We're encouraged by our organisations to be structured in this reflection with personal development plans and year-end reviews. These focus on performance achieved, often with an emphasis on skills gaps and development needs. While this is important to provide goals for continuous development and learning, in our experience there is often less focus on how our strengths can support us, helping us to thrive as we grow.

There are many definitions of what Strengths are, in this context we believe they are "qualities that energise us, what we are great at, or have the potential to be great at" (Source: Brewerton and Brook, Strengthscope 2014). They are bound up in activities that engage and excite us rather than drain our energy. We might be "good" at a particular task but if we have no enthusiasm for it then it's more of a skill than a strength. Research has shown that by placing a greater focus on strengths this can boost employee performance and productivity while reducing disengagement and increasing job satisfaction.

So at the beginning of 2019, we'd like to invite you (and your teams) to take stock of the strengths that you have, those qualities / activities that energise you and give some thought to how you might use them in the coming year.

Below are some questions to consider:

  1. What work activities do I most enjoy doing?
  2. What new tasks make me excited?
  3. What am I doing when time passes quickly at work?
  4. When do I get easily distracted?
  5. When do I procrastinate?
  6. What do I try to pass on to others to do?

How I use my strengths

  1. How often do I use them in my role?
  2. Are my strengths visible to others?
  3. What strengths do others see?
  4. How can I apply my strengths to the goals I want to achieve?
  5. How can I adjust my role to incorporate more of my strengths?
  6. How can my strengths help me stay resilient?

We hope that some reflection on these will help give you more focus on your strengths in the pursuit of being even more productive, engaged and fulfilled in your role in 2019. If you would like to find out more about a strengths-based approach please email me at 

In the meantime please click on the image below to see a short video clip which reminds us to play to our strengths.


Coming up.... 

Over the coming months we will be hosting three webinars.

The first will pose the question "What a focus on Strengths can do for you and your team" on 28th February 2019 from 12.30 - 1.30pm. Hosted by Rob Allen and Sue Powell. We will look at how strengths can be used in leadership development, giving leaders insight into their management style and how to optimise it. Our focus will also be an how understanding team strengths can help both existing and new teams set themselves up for high performance success. To register your interest in attending, please email


Our second webinar will explore " Learning Expeditions" in the context of effective leader development on 2nd April 2019 from 12.30 - 1.30pm. Hosted by Fred Fous and Sue Powell, we invite you to join us to discuss the latest step forward in innovating leadership development: Learning Expeditions which offer programmes structured for senior management and high potentials/emerging leaders. To register your interest in attending, please email

Our third webinar will focus on "Leadership Practices to Support Engagement and Wellbeing" and will take place in April 2019.Hosted by Jessica Farrell and Martyn Lowesmith.Through the lens of neuroscience and from what we know about how it affects our behaviours, we will introduce a process to begin looking at what leadership practices you have in place that help, or inadvertently hinder, engagement and wellbeing and how to address them. To register your interest in attending, please email


And Finally....a quote from Maya Angelou on what thriving meant to her. We hope you will find your way to thrive in 2019. 

"My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humour and some style."

Happy New Year!

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