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What are the challenges for your teams today?

Today’s lean organisations depend more than ever on the ability of team members to work remotely and independently, yet still demand the performance and results of teams bonded by geographic proximity. Virtual, matrix and flat structures, cross-continent working and project-focused teams that disband after the project is complete, are everyday occurrences for many. How successful are your team leaders as they are increasingly expected to lead and manage through these, often using new technology as the communication platform, where the subtleties of communication and level of personal impact become increasingly vital.

Organisations, like yours, face the ongoing challenge of creating, managing and sustaining effective, high-performance teams through times of both internal and external change. The reality is that all teams contain an assortment of personalities, experiences, skills and agendas so team cohesion, functioning and performance can often be a complex challenge. In addition, teams can be affected by a variety of factors including:

  • changes in the global or local economy
  • business restructuring
  • virtual working cultural differences
  • tension between wanting to be a part of the group and wanting to be an individual
  • power and status differences - real and imagined
  • the need to be right
  • the fear of being found out or saying the wrong thing

When designing a team programme for your organisation, our methodology treats the team as a whole system rather than as a group of individuals. We work with the dynamics of the system to maximise the team's levels of productivity and positivity. We focus on the particular challenges facing your teams, taking groups of individuals with shared aims, helping them to form integrated teams with a clear commitment to performing at their best and in a sustainable way.

Why not take a look at the way in which Eluminas engages and focuses teams? There are a range of team coaching programmes which can faciltitate shared learning and improve team performance. 


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Webinar - Achieving Team Fitness for Virtual Teams, 7th July 2020
Date: 7/07/2020
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Achieving Team Fitness for Virtual Teams
Date: 3/06/2020
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Time: 12.00 - 1.00pm
Achieving Team Fitness for Virtual Teams
Date: 23/04/2020
Venue: Webinar
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