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Webinar - Effective Leader Development

Current research consistently shows that, for many organisations, leadership development activities are not truly effective and so are missing out on achievable benefits.  

We know how people best learn:

  • neuroscience has shown the increased benefits and sustainability of experiential learning;
  • we understand the risks of developing people without developing the context within which they operate;
  • we know you don't "do" leadership - what is important is what it takes to "be" an effective leaders

...and yet so many leadership development activities don't embrace this knowledge. 

At Eluminas we specialise in experiential Leadership Development initiatives co-created with you to deliver the sustainable benefits you are looking to achieve. With this in mind, we would like to invite you to join us on a FREE WEBINAR to discuss the latest step forward in innovating leadership development: Learning Expeditions. Working with a global partner, expert in these expeditions, we have developed programmes structured for senior management and high potentials/emerging leaders. 

Do you believe you could get more from your Leadership Development activities? If you haven't signed up and would like to find out more, please email to register for this FREE WEBINAR on Wednesday 12th December from 12.00 - 1.00pm. In the meantime, more information about our Learning Expeditions is available here. Our other services are available here















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